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The Egg Academy

Discover your passion on a tailored “Path to Eggcellence” or grow and strengthen your skills with individual courses curated for you by The Egg, Student Life’s Student Creative Agency. We’ve gathered the best paid and free resources the internet offers and compiled them in one place with thoughtful organization to take you from a beginner in any of the following skills to a hero. Start tracking your progress with us today and get started on your “eggducation” below!

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Paths To Eggcellence

Learning paths are curated playlists of video courses and resources that track your progress to skill mastery.

Egg program paths explore the creative skills needed for career tracks within the Egg Agency. Each path includes multiple courses taught by expert instructors across the web to teach various skills on that track and offer valuable resources you can reference repeatedly.

Art & Design {Track}

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Graphic Design

This introduction to graphic design will teach you the skills needed to create flyers, posters, digital displays, social media assets and so much more. This path focuses on increasing your conceptual and technical design skills on a path to become a Graphic Designer.

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Environmental Design

Take your graphic design skills to the next level, making your 2D designs into 3D solutions while learning about the wonderful world of wayfinding. Focus on spatial and interaction design (IxD) and learn how to create large-format artwork, signage and exhibitions (Ex) to enhance human experiences and interactions within spaces at UD on a path to become an Environmental Designer. This two-part course features: EggIxD and EggEx.

Web and UX {Track}

Web and UX is about designing, creating and maintaining digital and web-based environments that provide meaningful experiences to users. Learn more about the broad range of digital and web design, user experience research and analytics on a path to become a Web and UX Manager.

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Web and UX Design

Ready to dive into the exciting world of web and UX design? From design principles to user experience strategies, our comprehensive courses will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in this dynamic field.

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UX Research

Master the art of understanding your user through UX research. Get an overview of different types of research methodologies, usability tests and conducting interviews.

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Discover the power of analytics and unlock new possibilities in marketing and communications. Our comprehensive courses will equip you with the skills you need to excel in this ever-evolving field.

Content Marketing {Track}

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Editorial & Writing

Learn the art of storytelling and journalism. Understand how to pitch a story and take it from idea to completion. Learn how to support a multimedia journalism workflow from interviews to photography to simple web design. Reach a broad audience via online channels. Learn to write for news outlets such as UDaily and Student Life News to become an Editor or Writer.

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Social Media Marketing

In an industry where content is king, learn to create, schedule and manage a social media calendar. Understand the in and outs of marketing various media types and ensuring they reach a broad audience via social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Develop proficiency in marketing events online and writing clear and concise copy on a path to become a Social Media Manager.

Multimedia {Track}

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Learn the basics of photography and gain technical and creative proficiency. Learn from experts and Egg supervisors while developing your skills in real time through a constant flow of event shoots and projects on a path to become a Photographer.

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Learn the basics of videography, from handling a camera, framing your shot and filming, to basic editing. Learn to use videography to tell a story focusing on various areas of Student Life and creating high-quality and compelling videos on a path to become a Videographer or a Multimedia Manager.

“…The Egg let me use a different part of  my brain than I used for my classes…”

FULL QUOTE: “Working for The Egg is a super flexible experience that let me explore graphic design, learn new software and concepts, and use a different part of my brain than I used for my classes. I got to work with people who are really familiar with graphic design and to serve other university departments and RSOs as clients, which was always interesting! I would recommend The Egg if you’re looking for a low-key work experience that gives you creative experience in addition to your degree.

Jane Cappodano, Egg Program Graduate 2024

Jane Capodanno

Learn by doing

Agency projects go hand in hand with your e-learning experience.

As part of The Egg Creative Agency, you will take on a number of projects in the pathway you are currently exploring. This will compliment your e-learning coursework, enabling you to apply your learning to real-world projects with real clients and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).

Build your portfolio

Those real-world projects will translate into a career-ready portfolio created throughout your eggducation.

Take your marketing and communication learning and apply it to client projects, providing you with a personal and shared team portfolio that you will continuously add your work to throughout the program.

Achieve your goals

This program is a professional development opportunity and creative incubator.

In our program, you will develop a career plan aligning with your employment track and chosen pathways. You are also welcome to explore as many guest tracks (other agency tracks outside your employment track) and pathways as you desire in collaboration with other area supervisors. We will work with you to determine how you can apply these skills to projects in our program, even if this is something different than your current track or major.

Become an Eggxpert

Are you looking to learn a particular skill? Explore our one-off courses and when you are ready for a deeper dive, check out our learning paths.

One-Off Courses

We offer one-off courses that cover specific content areas. These courses are not part of a pathway but cover broader areas that reach across subjects—for example, UD Branding Guidelines.

Learning Paths

Learning paths are curated playlists of video courses and resources that track your progress to skill mastery. Egg program paths explore the creative skills needed for career tracks within the Egg Agency, for example graphic design and photography.